He offers any 3d model to be rigged:

  • Characters
  • Vehicles
  • Environments
  • Props



Makes all rigs animator friendly:

  • Controls are color coordinated
  • Easily visible
  • Easily clickable
  • Organized naming convention

Makes the rigs right for you:

  • Will adapt to your naming convention
  • Can rig for mocap
  • Can adjust to your pipeline
  • Will meet your requirements and add a bit more

3D Character Rigging

Vehicle/Prop Rig Reel

Character Rig Reel

Daniel Lopez de Medrano is an Orlando-based 3D character rigger who loves rigging characters, vehicles, props and environments. He started rigging since 2013 and has worked for several studios and as well done freelance gigs for the U.S. and South America.

He takes pride of being a leader when it comes to production, to meet deadlines and to give his 110% to get the job done.

Currently he is working with CW Studios for a Children's TV Series in making a Netflix pitch.

Who is Daniel Lopez?

You can simply give him your finished 3d model and you can have a fully rigged body and face character from him. It can also be vehicles, props or any environments, he will keep you posted to show you how the process is going as well. All of this is done remotely so no need for him to go wherever you are, he can start working immediately.

How can he help you?

He keeps attention to detail depending on what the client wants for either a character, prop, vehicle or an environment. Also designs, implements and creates animation controls and deformation systems to control 3D geometry.

Makes sure to attend any rig issues for the characters, fixes & adds controls according to the director's notes during the production.

Makes himself accountable for reaching milestones, meet all the rigging deadlines to deliver the quickest he can.

Why working with him?

Available Courses:

How can I apply for private tutoring?

Instructor responds letting you know which date and time is best and also the amount of hours they suggest.

Submit a form for what you want to learn, your availability and lastly the amount of hours you are looking for.

Finalize the booking by confirming the date and time, also amount of hours. Final steps will be emailed.

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